Sunday, 1 July 2012

Vanity Fair TBC-style

Everyone wants to be a queen
A person's vanity is charming, foolish and very often amusing. 

Now and then do you notice that girl who will pause upon the sight of her reflection at the window display who will then tousle her hair or do a little pout? 

It's not just girls. Oh, when I'm in the gym... Every single day I would spot men watching their reflection as they tug those machines. If I could insert a thought bubble I'm sure it would be 'Oh yeah baby I look good'. 

So here is our themed bet: VANITY .

We seem to confuse vanity and materialism but let's not get fussy with definitions okay?

How it works: We would ask each person an individualised question, and bet on their answer. We would then answer the question ourselves and guess the other's answer. Closest wins.

1) The Classic

We asked Jo Wei, our high school friend who's about to get married this October. 

Bet: How much would you ask for you to shave your head completely bald?

G: RM10,000
M: RM500,000

I'm a bit embarrassed to say how I measure goes like this:

1. He has a lot of hair
2. He styles it
3. He has a lot of hair

More hair = more value = less reluctant = big amount of money required!!!

Jo Wei's answer: RM10,000


Gary wins.

2) Would you like it permanently attached to your arm?

We've reached a stage where many people can't live without their handphones/cell phones/mobile phones. When they confiscated our handphones in the US embassy, my sister was wringing her empty hands 1 hour later saying she had 'handphone withdrawal symptoms'. To be fair, I found myself checking through my bag  several times for my handphone!

It is pretty much agreed that the one person who uses her Iphone the most is Bobo!!!!

Bet: If you were paid RM100/day, how many days would you last without using your Iphone (or any other phones!)?

G: 0 
M: 5 days

I asked Bobo this on her formspring a few weeks ago but I'm too lazy to dig it out so her answer is basically like this:

Bobo's answer: as long as she gets money, she'll do it unlimited days

When I asked Jo Wei if this is true, he said: "Yes!! She loves money!!!"

This is counted as my win.

3) Life without gadgets

The next person, my FBIL, is whom we all look as the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Bet:  If we were to pay you 50 pounds (he works in London) a day to go about your daily life without using any gadgets, what is the maximum period of days/weeks you can last?

G: 3 days
M: 2 days

His answer:
Do you see the lesson here???

Money is motivation!!!!

Gary wins.

4) Tell me baby will you be here when I wake up

Katherine's turn!

Bet: How long can you last without any make up/contact lens? RM100 a day!

Katy Perry Before and After
Why women need makeup
G: > 1 week
M: < 1 week

Katherine's answer: 2 days

No contact lens, no way. Hahaha.

My win.

5) Piercing the button

Lilian reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. A classic picture of Lilian would be the one with her and the lamppost ala singing in the rain. She kinda lives in that era. I won't say she's conservative but you get the idea.

Actually wait, scratch that. Yes, she's conservative. You won't catch her sporting two earrings on one earlobe if you get what I mean.

Bet: How much would it cost us to get you (Lilian) to pierce your belly button?

That shit hurts
G: RM250,000
M: RM400,000

Lilian's answer: RM250,000

Gary wins double.

6) I wouldn't be caught dead in

We asked Joanne a simple question:

Bet: which would your rather walk around KL's shopping mall the whole day in?

G: drenched normal clothes
M: anime cosplay

Joanne's answer: anime cosplay

I win!

7) 6 packs or 6 feet?

We asked Gary's best friend, RJ, which would he rather be:

RJ's answer: Tall.

His explanation is very logical. You can't control your height but you can control those abs.

Still, how can I think straight when Mr. Gosling is looking at you like that. What a dream.

Gary wins.

8) Tattoo

Everyone has a secret tattoo wish. Don't you? Whether it's a little donkey on your ass (heh) or a testosterone-replacement dragon up your arm, you've already chosen your ideal tattoo.

We asked Alex what was his dream tattoo.

G: his girlfriend's name / any money symbol
M: his chinese name / any chinese symbol

Alex's answer: 狐狸 <-- complete randomness dafuq

I win! 



This is what Gary and I came up trying to guess each other's answers for some of the above questions!

Off with ya hair!
RM200 *
10 pts
Handphone-less days
10 days
5 days
Gadget-less days
1 week
2 days
Say NO to shower
5 days
5 days
Piercing the button
10 pts
20 pts

*Gary!!! RM200 to shave your hair? You're hell cheap lo!

Off with ya hair!
        -  LOL - *
Handphone-less days
4 days
4 days
20 pts
Gadget-less days
2 days
2 days
20 pts
Say NO to make-up
2 weeks
2 weeks
Piercing the button
20 pts

*I can't imagine shaving my hair, I'm sorry, but I really can't!! I told Gary if someone by the street offered me RM1,000,000 to shave my hair I wouldn't stop walking. Maybe more, I'll think about it. That's how I got RM1.2 million. I know it's a lot. Do I value my hair that much? Not really. But I know I'm one baboonass ugly baldie so the deterrence is mighty big!

I'm sorry, what did you say about hair and its value again?
Swiping it all up:

G: 134 pts + 70 pts = 204 pts
M: 165 pts + 60 pts = 225 pts


Coincidentally and hilariously, I went downstairs right after this post and saw this quiz on newspaper:

I took it and my score was 2 points away from being CONCEITED hahahahahahaha.


  1. elle, tugging machines in the gym and checking the mirror out is cause they wanna make sure they're doing it right. ahahahhaha

    1. yes and im sure those people using the equipments without mirrors nearby are all doing it wrong hahaha

  2. At least I am not as drastic as Katy Perry! Btw CHRIS HEMSWORTH WAAAA <3 Good job betting on me Jie. I wanted to say 4 days but the no contacts KILLED ME.

    1. Still would have won *AWESOME